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You can easily retrieve your tickets using the tool below. Login into your bank account and find the payment you made to buy the tickets. In the payment description you will find a 16 digits “payment number”, copy that number below together with the email you used to make the order.

If you put the wrong email while buying the tickets just use that email together with the payment number and you’ll be able to download your tickets


After you retrieved your tickets, we will send an email to the email address you used with a notification that the tickets have been downloaded here. If you couldn’t get your tickets with the tool above you can contact us directly, possibly indicating your payment number

If you still haven’t received any email with your tickets after half an hour from your order but the payment went through, meaning that money has been deducted from your account, you can follow the steps below:

1) Check the spam folder

Check your junk/spam folder for our email with the tickets. Even if we do our best to make sure that tickets reach the inbox, some people have very strict spam filters active and our email gets blocked

2) Check the email in your order

If your browser has cookies enabled, you can go back to the page where you bought the tickets to see the details of your order, you should try to reach the page where the ticketshop looks like Image 1. From there you can click on “status” to see the status of your order as shown in Image 2. You can then check if the email you entered for your order is correct. If there was an error in the email that is the reason why you didn’t receive the tickets, but you can still download them from here, as explained in the next point

3) Download the tickets directly

To download your tickets you will need the email you used for the order (even if there was an error in it you should type it as you did for the order) and your “payment number”. You can find the payment number in the transaction related to the ticket sale on your bank account, as you can see in Image 3, it’s a 16 digit number. With your email and payment number you can use this tool to directly download your tickets

First of all, you should double check if any money has been deducted from your account and if you got any email confirmation. If both of these don’t apply you can try again to buy the tickets. If you still have problems with the purchase you can contact us directly using the form below

It’s not necessary to print your tickets as long as you can show the QR code of your ticket at the entrance, for example simply using your phone. Make sure you have enough battery on your phone though, sometimes people arrive at the entrance with an empty battery claiming they have a ticket for the event on their phone, but unfortunately if we cannot scan the QR code we cannot let them in

If you just cannot find the email with your ticket anymore, you can easily download your ticket using this tool.

If your ticket got physically lost or stolen it’s still possible for you to attend the event. The ticket can be scanned only once, so we advise you to go to the event as early as possible (with your ID) so that you can use your ticket first

It is possible that the event is completely sold out or only momentarily (for example if the sale of the early bird tickets just ended). You can contact the event organizer directly to see if they are planning to put more tickets on sale later

The tickets are non-refundable and cannot be changed for other tickets via TicketX. You can, however, try to contact the event organizer directly and see if they are willing to change your ticket for that of another event they organize

If the event got cancelled the organizer will inform you by email directly, with all the details about the procedure

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